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Unfortunately, this society as a whole has been conditioned to believe that 'white' is pureness while 'Black' is sinuous. Most whites' in some manner or form firmly believe that they are superior to those of a 'Black' or Colored background/ethnicity whether it be a conscience or an unconscience act. And unfortunately, many 'Blacks' believe the same. 'If you carry any physical 'Black characteristics', then you are labeled 'Black' in the worlds view.' In my opinion, the church or religion is the blame for the race barriers. Michaelangelo was the first artist to paint a portrait of Jesus, and he did so in an image of what he thought Jesus 'should' look like despite what is written in the 'holy bible' (with complete disregard to the true physical characteristics of Jesus). And people across the globe have accepted this false portrait of Jesus' because they refuse to believe that Jesus could or would resemble any characteristics of a man of Color. The issue with the races has been around since (my belief), the beginning of religion. The reason why identifying oneself as a mixture of Hispanic and Asian does not pose a great deal of effect on society as one of a 'Black' and 'white' mixture, lies in the fact that race issues have never been about 'white' & 'Hispanic or Asian', but have always been about 'white' & 'Black?. During the Civil Rights Movement (only 33/34 yrs ago), the signs on restroom doors, restaurant walls and water-fountain sinks never read 'whites Only' vs. 'Asians or Hispanics Only', but indeed read...'whites Only' vs. 'Blacks Only'. It is this mentality that is still; very present in today's society that fuels a continued struggle for freedom. Freedom of care for acceptance from any group...For true freedom is for one to have the courage to love and accept all of oneself and with a head held high shout...'I'm Black and I?m proud!' Peace, Love & Blessings Timothy.

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Name : Nakhya, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Ideology of Aura Exchange, Race : Black/African American, Age : 24, City : San Diego, State : CA Country : United States, Occupation : Self-Employed, Education level : 4 Years of College,