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Yes, there ARE people who wear diapers from infancy to their teens and into adulthood, statistically speaking. What needs to be asked, though, is WHY do people wear diapers longer than intended? Obviously, some people wear diapers due to medical reasons, like surgery complications, or urinary tract infections, etc. Along with this group of involuntary diapers wearers, there lies another group of people who choose to wear diapers. While a very small minority might choose to wear diapers out of sheer convenience, there are other people who have what is referred to as a 'diaper fetish'. This means that a great pleasure is derived out of the act of wearing, changing, or otherwise involving the use of diapers. A diaper fetish often has other 'baby' elements, like pacifiers and bottles, etc. Why do some people actively participate in these activities? That is the question at hand. Sometimes it comes from abuse in the earlier years. More often than not, though, a person starts developing these feelings around the time of puberty. Everyone can experience these feelings that the born fetishists have. From personal experience, if the diaper fetish is introduced early on in a positive and loving manner (AKA being honest and upfront), then the partner gains acceptance over time, more often than not resulting in a FULL BLOWN FETISH that they maintain after the relationship, if the couple chooses not to stay together (which is a surprisingly lower number relative to the population). Now a person is just their DNA and the product of their experiences, so personally speaking, I believe that a diaper fetish lies dormant in all humans who were born into diapers and had diapers be an initial sign of comfort, security, and love. The diaper fetish is merely bringing those feelings back to life, but with the wisdom and self-sufficiency of an adult.

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