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Some women are sexier when they are in their 20's, but the majority of them all are sexier when they are in their 30's! I get more attracted to them. I also found out that it depends a (tiny) little bit which is the ethnicity of the women: -The one's that look sexier in their 30's are Latins (Mexicans, Venezuelans, Cubans), Europeans (Spanish, French, Italians, Gypsies), and some times Middle Eastern. -The one's that look better in their middle 20's are East Indians (India, Pakistan), African descendants, and Northern Europeans (Germans, Celts, Scandinavians, Russians and WASP). -The one's that look better in their early 20's or earlier are Native Americans (North America, Mexico, Central and South America), and some Middle Eastern (ie. The famous National Geographic Afghan girl) Well, this is my own point of view, what do you think?

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