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Until I was in my late 30s, I considered myself Atheist/Agnostic, because of the messages I got from so-called christians, who did not practice what they preached. And I just couldn't make myself swallow the whole Jesus story, etc. Since I've been a feminist since birth, the idea of a male deity was not one I could accept either. I started reading about Wicca and found that the 'Gods of Old' were more to my liking. I have always been an animal rights person too, and Paganism/Wicca is very animal rights friendly. I have found a lot of inner peace since I accepted the Goddess. It took me a loooooong time to allow myself to pray to Her. I had always considered the acceptance and reliance on a Deity a lack of strength. So many positive things have happened since my acceptance of the Goddess. I must share this story with you. A few years back we were hit by a fierce hail storm that sent people to the hospital and caused major windshield and car damage. The cars parked on either side of mine were badly damaged, but mine was untouched. Then a few days later, another storm threatened and my coworkers put their cars in the parking garage...I chose not to, and the storm blew over. My supervisor said to me, 'Maybe there's something to this Pagan thing.' There is!!! Blessed Be

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Name : Nicky, Gender : F, Religion : Pagan, Age : 46, City : Ft Worth, State : TX Country : United States,