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i totally agree with mathew ,& i'd like to add that ,as a muslim,God hasn't stopped talking to me2000 years ago,in fact ,each time i read the koran(our holy book) i feel ALLAH is tlking to me , a hadith (said by the prophet) says : if you want to talk to ALLAH pray, if you want Him to talk to you,read the koraan. we also have a special parayer for when you don't know wether to do something or not to or when you want to chose between two things ,you do that prayer and ALLAH sends you signs he is guiding you and you know that whatever happens that is the best for ou,another prayer is that of need ,when you need something you pray and then ask god with certain words,and then you know that whenever this thing happens will be the best time and you'll have asked it from ALLAH who is 'closer to you than the vien in your wrist'<-- this is a verse of koraan ...and so on ,we muslims consult ALLAH in everything we do and belive that he chooses for us what's best so we reach peace of mind and contentness with what we have. how can you have such a gift and then say God is outdated?!

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