Reply To: Are implants like dentures in the U.S.?


Whether implants are considered 'normal' and encountered on a daily basis depends on where in America you live. I am in Maryland, and there are very few women here with fake breasts in comparison to the numbers I see when I go to Miami. I always leave there feeling very flat-chested because huge numbers of women there have had the surgery. It can easily brainwash you into thinking it's a normal look. After I step off the plane at home, though, I remember: that's a fantasyland of gorgeous women and not representative of the average American woman. Quite a few women in Southern California have them, too (and a few in New York, but not as many as Miami and So Cal). How is it in Europe? (Of course, the stereotypes we have of European women would lead us to conclude that all women in Europe have big breasts to begin with!

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