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As far as tattoos on the face, unless you are a tattoo artist, I can see where that might be looked at as a little strange, but regarding tattoos on the rest of the body, this is something that been done for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. You make assumptions about people's motivations to get them ('to stand out') without really having any idea of what their motivation is. There are a million reasons someone might get a tattoo: to memorialize someone, to express something or simply because they like them. I am 27 and have what would be considered by most a lot of tattoos, especially for a female. I have a college degree, am working on my master's and am a research scientist. I have never had problems finding a job, and I wear a business suit every day to work.

I don't take drugs, I'm not a criminal, I'm not a deviant ... I just happen to like tattoos. To me, they are a way of accentuating beauty. If you don't like them, don't get them.. But I don't see what it is that YOU need to 'tolerate' because of a piercing or tattoo that someone else has. Why should you care?

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