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I'm a waitress who also has above-average intelligence. I dropped out of college because most of my classes were repeats of the advanced courses I took in High School and I was bored to tears in College... But, most of the regular customers in the restraunt where I work treat me like an intelligent human being because I engage in conversation with them. Politics is always big with most of these guys and I can hold my own as the lone Dem in a pack of GOPs. :) I feel that the biggest part of 'intelligence' is confidence. The more confident you seem, the more intelligent you seem. I don't think it matters so much where you work or how much money you make, it matters that you seem confident in what you do, say and believe. I feel that most people judge intelligence by the confidence that you show them. I've come across a lot of people in minimum wage jobs who show no confidence what so ever. They seem unsure about their job and always have to get a manager or ask another co-worker when there is a question or problem, instead of just working it out on their own, or giving a helpful suggestion to the customer. Critical thinking skills are part of intelligence, and when someone cannot demonstrate those skills, they appear unintelligent. For the most part, I think you can sense a lack of confidence in some people and it is automatically assumed (most of the time incorrectly assumed) that the person is unintelligent. Just my humble opinion

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