Reply To: Concerned Mother of Adopted Chinese Girl


Carl W.
I'm not qualified to answer the adoption question, but I am currently enrolled in a class on History of the People's Republic of China. Our instructor is white, but he did extensive research in many areas of rural China within the last decade. It is his opinion, and he is not the only one to hold it, that the abadonment of female infants in China is an exaggerated phenomenon. There is indeed a significant imbalance in male and female births in the recent censuses, but he believes that it is largely due to unregistered female children, referred to as 'the children who don't exist.' He feels that (white) Americans are too quick to believe that Chinese people will stoop to lows such as this, and it seems to fit with the general essentialist and/or Orientalist perceptions of Asians as 'Other' or 'inscruitable.' Something to think about, anyway.

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